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Programming solutions


Your core business has nothing to do with IT? But the automatization of certain processes would accelerate your processes and reduce costs or free up tied-up personnel resources?

You already have an IT solution, but are dissatisfied with it, for example due to a lack of flexibility, speed or intransparency?

Or maybe you want to enhance your existing solutions or processes?

I offer you to analyze your business processes and to work out possible optimizations without having to fear horrendous consulting costs!

Interested? Then contact me informally via


To give you an idea of what py-solutions can support you with, here are a few examples:

  • Development of an ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process, for example for reporting (see picture)

Entwicklung eines ETL Prozesses

  • Data analysis in Numpy, Pandas, etc.

  • Automation of Excel tasks using Python

  • Regularly scheduled queries of data from the Internet, databases or similar data sources

  • Development of user interfaces (GUI)

  • and much more

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