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Save development time und money with Python?

Python ist eine plattformunabhängige Sprache, d.h. es läuft auf Windows, Linux und MacOS. Python is a platform-independent language, which means it runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Due to its simple syntax and extensibility, challenges can be solved quickly and without Bloat Code. This saves (development) time and money!

Enclosed you will find more reasons and applications of this dynamic language. To give you a better idea why this programming language can be useful for you, here are a few examples:


Versatile Language

The fields of application for Python are almost endless

  1. Reading metadata from photos
  2. Copy, move, rename, archive files and folders on the file system
  3. perform network analysis
  4. Download files from a website
  5. Perform penetration tests
  6. (ethical) hacking
  7. Data analysis
  8. Artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning)
  9. Web design (Django and Flask)
  10. and much more

Simple to understand

Python avoids unnecessary code and limits itself to the essentials. Due to its syntax, Python code can be read like a "newspaper".

Goal: Output "Hello, World!" to the screen.

In the C programming language (similarly lengthy in Java).
Webseite - Hello World C

In Python
Webseite - Hello World Python

From prototype to production

Python can be used along the entire "value chain".


Imagine the simple process for this:

Goal: daily reporting to the Executive Board based on internal business data and data from the Internet

Webseite - Diagram

If you still have not heard enough

then check out the following „Python Success Stories“.

Here you find famous companies

such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many others that have Python in use: „10 World Class Companies


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